Happy New Year! With the turning of the year, I am excited to embark on a new role within Mérieux NutriSciences as the President of North America. Being a part of Mérieux NutriSciences for the past 20 years, I have been amazed at the growth, ingenuity, and innovation that our company continues to build. I am honored and eager to have the opportunity to continue as a leader of our company and build upon the rich heritage that has made Mérieux NutriSciences a dominating player in science and food safety. Continue Reading

In the last few years, we have seen some of the most notable moments in food science, specifically in the area of alternative proteins. According to Mintel’s Global New Product Database (Mintel GNPD), meat substitutes have followed an upward trend, with over double the number of products launched from the previous year. Additionally, meat substitutes make up roughly 10% of products launched in the processed fish, meat & egg product category in the past year.  In fact, not only are these a marvel of food science innovation, but these products rival their animal-based counterparts in nearly every characteristic. So how did they do it? Continue Reading

Yeast and mold are organisms of great importance to the food industry. These members of the fungi kingdom are very different from bacteria, including differences in basic cellular structure and the way that they reproduce. Hundreds of yeast and mold species have been isolated from foods. Due to their ability to grow over a wide spectrum of environmental conditions, very few foods are entirely safe from fungal spoilage.

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