The proverbial saying, ‘one man’s meat is another man’s poison,’ provides an apt description of the role of gluten in our diet. Gluten is a protein in cereal grains, but its presence in food products can cause serious health problems in those afflicted with celiac disease or non-celiac gluten sensitivity (NCGS).  Consumer confidence in the accuracy of “gluten-free” food labels is the backbone of a multi-billion dollar market developed around a food safety issue as well as a nutrition fad.  Continue Reading

When you take a look at a packaged food in the United States and compare it to one from Canada, it’s more than just the dual languages that are displayed that make the Canadian market unique from their southern friends.  Let’s discuss a few of these not so obvious differences that you need to consider when producing or marketing your product in Canada.

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All natural. Gluten free. Low in fat. Organic. Peanut free. The number of claims available for use to describe a food seems endless, so how does a manufacturer or producer know which words they can and cannot use? Taking one quick trip down the grocery aisle bombards a consumer with confusing label call-outs, outrageous marketing promises and countless newly innovative products.

The food and beverage market is a multi-million dollar industry that just keeps growing, providing consumers with access to trendy or niche foods they have never heard of before. The fast-paced world of food research and new product introductions may even leave some consumers questioning how true some of these claims are on new products with their fancy marketing call-outs and implied promises of renewed health and energy. Continue Reading