Today is World Health Day, which is organized annually by the World Health Organization (WHO). This year, World Health Day is dedicated to “Food Safety: From Farm to Plate, Make Food Safe.” Mérieux Nutrisciences, a part of Institut Mérieux, is deeply rooted in the effort to advance global public health, and we are proud to support this event and efforts to raise awareness about food safety — one of our key missions.

When one considers the many variables impacting the safety of food, it is important to remember that food safety truly is a farm to plate event. Through unforgettable lessons, we know that breakdowns at any point along the food chain can impact the safety of food. As such, it is important to recognize the ongoing efforts of various members of the food chain. Without their contributions, food safety would not be advanced to the point it is today. The following list, while admittedly incomplete, recognizes the efforts of countless industry stakeholders who work tirelessly to make food safe.

  • Research & Development Teams for developing products that promote safety
  • Packaging companies for working with manufacturers to develop safer options
  • Manufacturers for implementing systems and processes to help ensure the safety of your products
  • Ingredient suppliers for working with customers to implement defined quality systems
  • Academia for working with various industry segments to identify key areas for needed research
  • Researchers for tirelessly looking at all opportunities to enhance the safety of food
  • Associations for working with members to develop team / industry approaches to food safety
  • Cold chain members for working with customers to develop defined safety programs
  • Retailers for working with suppliers and associates to define quality and safety expectations
  • Restaurants for working with suppliers and associates on defined quality and safety programs
  • Chemical manufacturers for continuously researching and developing the best tools for industry
  • Equipment manufacturers for listening to customers and addressing defined safety concerns
  • Test kit companies for developing innovative products needed to ensure reliable test results
  • Analytical companies for developing equipment needed to address emerging safety issues
  • Regulatory agencies for working with industry on science based approaches to food safety
  • Consumers for adjusting habits and developing an understanding of food safety principles

If we all continue our focus on providing safer food, we can continue to make a difference in the overall safety and quality of our products and help to further promote “Food Safety: From Farm to Plate, Make Food Safe.”

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