Marco Polo was not the first European to travel across Asia during the Middle Ages. But by writing about his journeys in the “Travels of Marco Polo,” he underscored the importance of documentation in gaining credibility with the masses. The book was a wild success and inspired countless other explorers, including Christopher Columbus who made a very important discovery in 1492.

Under the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), companies are required to document the efficacy of their programs and processes to the satisfaction of regulators and stakeholders in their ongoing journey to produce safer products. Environmental monitoring programs have attained a sizable footprint across the food industry and companies are taking EnviroMap®, a comprehensive software solution for environmental monitoring, along for the journey.

Like the Italian merchant traveler, EnviroMap® is not the first platform to manage environmental monitoring programs. Many companies utilize a combination of Excel based spreadsheets, random number generators, e-mail, and a well-honed tribal knowledge to manage their programs. EnviroMap® is the first enterprise application to effectively manage the entire environmental process for scheduling, submitting, recording, tracking, and reporting.  Moreover, it can accommodate thousands of sample sites across multiple facilities.

EnviroMap® users document their journeys in the form of map views, bar charts, grids, pie charts, run charts, and more. By turning environmental monitoring data into meaningful information, users can make more informed decisions about their monitoring programs. Through the platform, users can view real-time information and/or mine historical data to arrive at the appropriate resolution.

Polo’s travels were slow and often took him through challenging and sometimes harsh terrain. EnviroMap® users can quickly navigate their daily paths as prescribed by their environmental monitoring program.  The automated scheduler ensures that no tasks are missed. By automatically generating an electronic SARF, EnviroMap® reduces the number of keystrokes and errors associated with the human element of submitting samples. If harsh terrain in the form of a presumptive positive is encountered, EnviroMap® will automatically launch the prescribed mitigation process.  As a cloud-based application, EnviroMap® projects are easily deployed in a matter of weeks and application updates are delivered with no disruption in service and minimal IT support.

EnviroMap® provides users the opportunity to explore the depths of their environmental monitoring program as Marco Polo did to obtain greater knowledge and insight.  It transforms laboratory results to create and display meaningful information, discover trends, identify potential weakness in the program, and quickly relay information to others in the organization. The scheduling feature provides peace of mind that all required tasks are performed on time, as prescribed by their environmental program. The mitigation process ensures out of limit results are acted upon and tracked within the system.

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