When a large food service company approached Mérieux Nutrisciences in the summer of 2016 needing to improve their business processes by better understanding the data that was compromising their supply chain, Jennifer Derryberry, a Product Manager for the company, quickly stepped up to help the company find a solution.

Mérieux NutriSciences is a global food safety and quality staple that has been offering testing, labeling, auditing, consulting, sensory, training and research services to the food industry for over 50 years. Focused on customer satisfaction, the company aims to protect consumers’ health through nutritional research, scientific excellence and innovation.

Below, Jennifer explains how she dug down deep to find a way to get all the data the customer looks at on a daily basis into one single platform.

Because this particular restaurant chain serves an international community through its 5,000+ franchised stores and is focused primarily on the quick service food industry, Jennifer and the Mérieux Nutrisciences’ Digital Solutions team knew the chain had experienced a lot of growth recently and was encountering challenges managing a complex, thriving supply chain. After an initial conversation with the chain, Jennifer also discovered that their current supply chain system features multiple commodities and uses multiple suppliers.

With an eye toward supporting the corporate growth strategy, the chain wanted a better way to monitor their suppliers and guarantee best-in-class quality.

“This company really wanted a better understanding and glimpse into the reporting data that was available on their suppliers,” Jennifer explained. “They were tracking it manually, but found that difficult for making business decisions.”

The company was already an existing client of Mérieux Nutrisciences, but for testing and analytical services. Once Jennifer was able to understand their pain points, the Digital Solutions team worked with them to outline their goals. They determined how best to configure and report on their current data in a platform that would help support those goals.

“After taking time to discuss and analyze their data,” said Jennifer, “We saw a way to join their lab monitoring data with supplier data to provide greater visibility to product performance. This allowed the customer to look for trends in this data and address issues before product got to the restaurants and became a potential consumer complaint.”

The Digital Solutions team got to work congregating the client’s internal and external testing data into one, central location with harmonized definitions and results. The team then integrated this into a dashboard, allowing the customer to visualize all their data and be alerted when pre-set conditions occur. In this instance, the customer wanted to view a chart when supplier data was missing and the commodity manager wanted to be alerted when certain testing specifications had not been met or exceeded a specific threshold.

The tool Jennifer and the Digital Solutions team selected to help provide a deeper level of data understanding is Mérieux Nutrisciences’ new web-platform, QualMap. With this new interface, once a customer’s data is centralized, management can log into the dashboard to see snapshots, trends and reports of their information, as well as configure the system to provide real-time reporting across their entire supply chain.

“Once we had all of the client’s data organized in a way that made sense, they were successfully able to operationalize their day-to-day decision making using QualMap as the stepping stone for the process,” says Jennifer.  “There was a lot of up-front work to customize the platform to the customer’s needs, but now they can start using their data to benefit the bottom line of the company.”

The benefits of QualMap gave this customer to stronger visibility across their entire supplier network for all of their commodities and the data to make real decisions regarding supplier performance. Specifically, this client used the QualMap dashboard to identify a supplier that was consistently out of specification.

One of the best results of this relationship was that the customer was able to use the data in QualMap to identify a supplier that needed to be placed on probation because of non-conformance. Both the vendor and supplier had access to the relevant data, and they were able to work together on the issue and quickly get things back up and running.”

One of the company goals for the customer was to be able to continue being a market leader and to provide the highest possible quality products to its customers. By understanding their own supply chain and being able to make quick decisions using QualMap, they now have a key tool in being able to reach that goal.

Leveraging data has become integral in staying one step ahead of your competition. With Mérieux Nutrisciences‘ new web platform, QualMap, food service companies are simplifying the way they manage and analyze all their supply chain data.

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Meet the Author

Kevin Hoffmann
Vice President of QualMap, Mérieux NutriSciences

Kevin Hoffmann leads the QualMap team as a part of the MXNS Digital Solutions portfolio. He has nearly 20 years of experience in application development, product management and building SaaS-based solutions on top of big data systems. He holds an MBA from Penn State University.

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