• 1,610 notices of Proposition 65 lawsuits filed during the first half of 2020, including a peak of 348 notices filed in March at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • On April 1, new Proposition 65 warning requirements took effect

  • Hundreds of Proposition 65 lawsuits have targeted food products in recent years

  • Businesses must understand the requirements and their chemical risks

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Health Canada can boast of several regulatory achievements during the past 18 months, including the implementation of the Safe Food for Canadians Act (SFCA) regulations, new controls for salmonella in frozen raw breaded chicken products, and the long-awaited revision of the Canadian Food Guide. In recent months, Health Canada has introduced limits for heavy metals, launched food fraud activities, and rolled out new rules for cannabis edibles. Moving forward, Canadian authorities will implement the next phase of the SFCA regulations in January 2020, and continue efforts to improve public health through proper nutrition.

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  • Food labeling claims and food safety issues are responsible for the majority of lawsuits against food companies
  • ‘Natural’ labeling claims, foodborne illnesses, and chemical hazards have triggered several lawsuits this year
  • FDA is required to publish a highly anticipated and potentially controversial proposed rule to define high-risk foods
  • There is an upward trend in the annual number of 60-day notices associated with food products for Proposition 65
  • Lawsuits were filed this year to push the FDA to finalize specific FSMA regulations

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