Would mandatory front-of-pack nutrition labels or a symbol to designate a food as ‘Healthy,’ help curb the incidence of diet-related chronic diseases? Academic and industry research has shown that nutrition information on the front of food packages is more commonly viewed by American adult consumers than the Nutrition Facts panel, which is placed on the side or back of a package. The increased viewing of nutrition information is associated with healthier dietary patterns. While several countries are advancing regulations for front-of-pack (FOP) nutrition labeling schemes, the future of a mandatory FOP system in the U.S. remains uncertain. Continue Reading

Today is World Health Day, which is organized annually by the World Health Organization (WHO). This year, World Health Day is dedicated to “Food Safety: From Farm to Plate, Make Food Safe.” Mérieux Nutrisciences, a part of Institut Mérieux, is deeply rooted in the effort to advance global public health, and we are proud to support this event and efforts to raise awareness about food safety — one of our key missions. Continue Reading